The Sea

Was I the maiden of the sea?

A captive of a ship?

A tribal princess?

Refugee of a foreign land?

I sit, toes deep in the sand
The coolness and softness of the water touch my skirt
Draw me away from the modern world
Into the white sound of her power.

What is this puzzle?
This compulsion to travel a thousand miles
to pay my yearly tribute
just to look at her?

Is she a savior
With her sustenance of food,
hidden mountains and valleys
Diverse world of mystery and colors
Beauty beyond reason?

Or is she a goddess enemy
Who would steal the breath of life
With her undercurrents, rip tides,
And creatures lurking in the shadows?

Am I predator or prey?
Poisoner, polluter of her waters
My plastics, oil spills, tons of trash
Is there no respect?

I was surrounded in the womb by water.
I am cleansed and bathed by water.
I am three-fourths water.
I was baptized of sins by water.

Will I sink to her depths
Or walk on the water?
Is she the key to my past
Or a discovery within my soul?

For now my mind is free
I listen to the waves call my name
Her tantalizing grip
pulls me deeper and deeper
As my toes are buried in the sand.

Rachel Wright, 2017


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