By whose criteria is the dandelion a weed

unwanted in the yard?


Yellowness of hundreds  reflect the sun

prolific and abundant

White seed pods flow in the wind

spread like bubbles far and near


Children weave them for necklaces

Adorn their hair with dandelion barrettes

Blow the fluffy white feathers

Chase them through the fields


The poor man’s food

Dandelion greens, heads fried in butter

wondrous and full of vitamins

Cure for disease


Would we rather rape the oceans

pesticide the fields

Plant hybrids that die

and never reproduce?


Nature tries to teach us

but we pay no heed

We listen not to the inner voice

but have open ears to those


who say the dandelion has no value

kill it

it has no beauty

it’s a weed


By whose criteria is a dandelion a weed

unwanted in the yard?


Spectrum II


May 9, 2013

Looking at the hundreds of dandelions in my back space








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