Did I miss the Call of Spring

Where have I been

Where was I when the daffodils showed their faces

and the violas swayed in the wind

Am I so busy with the computer

and social life and high tech…ing

that I missed nature’s offering?


I usually walk, find the daffodils

and vase them on the kitchen table

enjoy the yellows and greens

after the long winter days

and the yet cold breezes of spring


Have I missed the morels

or taken the time to find

them on hillsides under rocks

and by the dead elm and poplar trees

Will I miss them too?

My favorite of mother nature’s foods?


Will I be ready to take a few moments

out of my busy schedule to

see the purple and white iris’s


and the herbs of peppermint, chives and thyme

as they pop through the earth’s crust?


Do I now see the redbud trees

and the budding pear trees

Do I see  the blossoms of delight

and buds of the forsythia bushes

Do I see the spectrum of tulips as they

begin to bow their heads?


Yes, I do

Yes, I do


Rachel Wright




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