The Game of Life

Will it all come crashing down?

Or do we have some time

To plan, to grow, to get ready?

To find our true heart?

The right message

honest action?


We know the game.

How to get to

Park Place or Baltic Avenue.

We can always escape on B & B Railroad

Or go to jail.


If it’s checkmate,

we need to do something about it.

Make a move

a change

back off

or face it direct.


Is life just a game of chance?

Of cards?

Spade, heart, diamond, club

The luck of the draw?


It’s our life.

We don’t have to stay

where it hurts

and there’s pain

sickness and sorrow.


We take charge.

We make the difference.

We change the circumstance.

We remap our thinking

our direction.


We find a loophole.

Work the puzzle.

Make a claim.

Win the game.





It’s within.


Rachel Wright


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