The Sea

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Was I the maiden of the sea? A captive of a ship? A tribal princess? Refugee of a foreign land? I sit, toes deep in the sand The coolness and softness of the water touch my skirt Draw me away from the modern world Into the white sound of her power. What is this puzzle? […]

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The Sparrow

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Early morning I drink coffee at the round mosaic table on the back porch, ponder my secrets and commit them to paper.   A sparrow with a worm catches my eye, perches on the metal mobile I got from the junk store. Flies to the wire sculpture clanging in the mild breeze. She darts to […]

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Coffee in New York Paper throw-away cups Buildings in ads I’ve never been there   Coffee in London Origins of my birthright Guisborough, pottery tiles I want to go there   Coffee in Cairo Pyramids close to the city Mystery, afterworlds Turmoil keeps me away   Coffee at my table Pottery cup, crack down the […]

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By whose criteria is the dandelion a weed unwanted in the yard?   Yellowness of hundreds  reflect the sun prolific and abundant White seed pods flow in the wind spread like bubbles far and near   Children weave them for necklaces Adorn their hair with dandelion barrettes Blow the fluffy white feathers Chase them through […]

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Did I miss the Call of Spring

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Where have I been Where was I when the daffodils showed their faces and the violas swayed in the wind Am I so busy with the computer and social life and high tech…ing that I missed nature’s offering?   I usually walk, find the daffodils and vase them on the kitchen table enjoy the yellows […]

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